Roon The Toon 10K 2019
9 Jun 2019
**** 3 to count ****
CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
Special Category1BM The Flying Posties5814
Special Category2PM KA Leisure6053
Special Category3BM Serco6129
Special Category4PM EAC Corporate Parenting 63910
Special Category5EM Gargieston Primary School8564
Special Category6BM Faster Than Your Internet8974
Special Category7SM Kilmarnock Junior Ice Hockey Club10485
Special Category8EM Ayrshire College14103
Special Category9PF NHS Afton House14303
Special Category10BF Central Park Coffee Shop16283
Special Category11BF Serco21023
Special Category12EF Ayrshire College23733
Special Category13BM Alan White Design26183
Special Category14PF East Ayrshire Protecting People Superheros26583
Special Category15BF Howard Arms27435
Special Category16EM Team Stanley29774
Special Category17PF SCOTSERVS34433
Special Category18BM Team cobble shop35703